Put to ring punch at the lead battery industry-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-17
On the environmental pollution problem, the service provider as a clean fuel, debao power technology co. , LTD. , general manager of suzhou force Chen Xiaodong from the Angle of dynamic service industry & other; I colored net & throughout; Also talked about their opinions: & other; We agree with the country's environmental regulation policy, it is also a creativity debao this the purpose of the enterprise. However enterprises look forward to more countries can increase in recovery and regeneration link intensify regulation, is not only to specification of smelting enterprises, more and more users of battery constraint & throughout; 。 Chen Xiaodong said: & other; Control in place, if people don't buy 3 without the battery, don't sell used batteries to unlicensed battery recyclers, eliminate compliance production source, so it can effectively reduce pollution because of the non-standard recycling links & throughout; 。 On September 5, 2012, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, environmental protection department jointly issued 'the secondary lead industry access conditions'. 'Access' in the project construction conditions and enterprise production layout, the scale of production, technology and equipment, energy consumption and comprehensive utilization of resources, environmental protection, safety, hygiene and occupational disease prevention and control, supervision and management to do the detailed rules. Countries in recent years, it is not hard to see the motion of the lead battery industry, to fundamentally governance lead battery industry pollution to the environment, the need to strictly control the industry access, from the source of lead battery production, strengthen the supervision of regeneration link and can take temporary cure.
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