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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-04
Lead-acid battery expedition is the main capacity, decided to is the capacity of active substances. And lead oxide is one of the main lead-acid battery active substances in the raw material. To some extent, the stand or fall of lead powder directly affects the capacity and life of the battery. Maintenance-free storage battery, in general, use of Pb - sheeting material Ca— Sn alloys. Ca can change the strength of the plate grid, the addition of Sn, made of alloy on the casting performance has been improved, and raised the sheeting hydrogen evolution over potential, improve the corrosion resistance capacity of plate grid. The current domestic production of battery manufacturers, in the choice on the proportion of liquid sulfuric acid is not the same, some on the high side. Note the proportion of liquid sulfuric acid directly affects the early stages of the battery capacity, and affect the service life of the battery, the proportion of high sulfate, you can get a higher initial capacity. Chose the high proportion of sulfuric acid, the early stages of the battery capacity is high, can satisfy the requirement of the discharge within a certain amount of time, seemed to show the design of the battery capacity is far beyond the rated capacity, but increased the board gate corrosion. Good battery, is bound to have to guarantee good raw materials and technology, more need to use the right maintenance, which do leave, will shorten the service life of battery. Lead-acid battery in the process of charging and discharging to repair, the water in the electrolyte will gradually reduce by electrolysis and evaporation, led to the decrease of the electrolyte level. If not timely supplement, may shorten the service life of the lead-acid battery, should add distilled water in a timely manner.
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