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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-02
The main raw material of lead-acid battery & ndash; — Lead recycling use repeatedly, as long as a waste battery recycling related industrial policy, correctly guide the market, can effectively solve the shortage, lead pollution such as non-ferrous metal resources in China, environmental problems. Therefore, correct understanding of battery industry present situation, grasp the development trend, effectively solve the problems of its own, is the recycling use of resources, build a conservation-minded society, is the effective way to the scientific development of national economy. Make lead-acid battery plate lead sulfide crystallization has many reasons, the longest see the battery is not in use for a long term, such as car factory new car for a long time didn't sell, parked in the garage, time is long, want to sell cars won't catch fire, when the battery is broken, the reason is on the plate that has generated large lead sulfide crystallization. In order to prolong the life of the lead-acid battery, in 2005 developed the battery protector, battery prolong life, it is in the battery-powered electronic products on both ends of the battery, it is a low energy consumption. Lead-acid battery & ndash; — Starting the optimization of the structure of the battery, maintenance free battery widely used, is still an important military and civil transportation equipment power supply device, for our country to become the world's major automobile producers play an important supporting role. Valve control battery, gel battery as backup power supply, such as the core component of large reserve power, its production has become an important basic industry in national economic development, lead-acid battery industry.
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