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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-03
Accompanied by large-scale rectification for lead-acid battery enterprises in our country, according to plan, you can see that in the first half of last year the national lead battery based flat with the same period of the cumulative production, and the production of lithium-ion batteries is increased by 19% year-on-year. Although the lithium battery market development still exist some resistance, but lead battery as the industry consolidation gradually withdraw from most of the market has been hard to avoid, the future lithium battery in the field of lead-acid battery replacement process part of the market will gradually accelerated, the electric bicycle and most widely used in such fields as communication base station, especially with the gradual popularization of new energy vehicles, and lithium battery technology to further improve, the future market demand for power lithium battery materials will be quickly detonated. But despite the lithium battery in the environmental protection is far better than the lead-acid batteries, but also have disadvantage factors restricting the rapid development that cannot be ignored. Lithium-ion batteries have been technical threshold is relatively high, and also belongs to the capital-intensive industries, leading to lithium battery products prices have been high, it is difficult to enter the market. In lead-acid battery production process with the derivative of the pollution problem and failed to get a better solution. Therefore subject to environmental protection, product value factors, such as lead-acid battery relics is a foregone conclusion.
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