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by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-18

  Changsha Battery Factory

  Before using the battery, please make the following preparations.

   1. When using the battery, ventilation must be provided to discharge hydrogen and heat.

  2. If the battery temperature is too high, the battery life will be reduced. In addition, when the temperature is extremely high, overheating corrosion will occur, causing thermal runaway or damage to the battery. Therefore, especially when the battery is installed in the battery box or cabinet, forced air exchange should be carried out to make the temperature in the battery box or cabinet not too high, or to provide larger heat dissipation vents.


   1. Batteries produce hydrogen, so sparks, short circuits and other reasons may cause fires and explosions And fire.

   2. Indoor ventilation should be carried out to ensure that the hydrogen concentration is less than 0.8%.

  3. The operating temperature range of CGB battery is as follows. If the temperature exceeds this temperature range, the performance and life of the battery will be reduced, and the battery will also be damaged and deformed. Therefore, the floating charge voltage can be adjusted according to the temperature of the battery. Can effectively suppress fever, see Table 3 for specific values.

   discharge (when the machine is in use): -15℃~+45℃

   charge: -15℃~+45 ℃

  Storage: -20℃~+50℃

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