Precautions in battery installation and transportation

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-10

Precautions for battery installation and transportation:

1. In the transportation and installation of the battery, since the battery is wet-charged, short-circuit failure must be avoided.

2. Due to the high working voltage and danger of lithium battery components, special tools for insulating layers should be used to load and transport conductive oral epithelial cells. When installing or transporting rechargeable batteries, you must wear insulating gloves, protective covers and goggles. When transporting batteries, only application slings such as galvanized steel wire ropes can be used.

3. Dirt connection or poor connection may cause the rechargeable battery to ignite, so maintain the connection to clear the connection at the interface, and twist the connection screw to meet the torque range standard. Single rechargeable battery is connected with stainless steel plate or lead-plated anchor rod, lead-plated copper and flat gasket.

4. The connection between the rechargeable battery, the middle of the lithium battery, the lithium battery pack and the DC screen should be as efficient and convenient as possible, the current should be as small as possible, and batteries of different sizes and different characteristics cannot be mixed. Before installing the terminal connection and power-off charging system software, the total working voltage and positive and negative levels of the rechargeable battery system software should be checked by heart to adapt.

5. When the battery is connected to the charging head or the load, the power switch of the power supply circuit should be in the off position and connected correctly; the battery and the charging head are positively connected;

6. The rechargeable battery can be stored and stored in 0c-35c before installation. The rechargeable battery should be charged and maintained at least 6 months, and the storage location should be dry, clean and naturally ventilated.

Characteristics of battery products:

1. No water replenishment, simple maintenance

Aiming at the unique design scheme, it overcomes the electrolysis In the whole process of the rechargeable battery, the hydraulic volume and proportion of the rechargeable battery are basically unchanged during the entire charging process.

2. Sealing safety, installation operation

There is no fluid pressure in the rechargeable battery, the rechargeable battery column type, side sleep installation can be used, there is no hydraulic leakage, in all normal charging processes , Rechargeable batteries are not easy to produce organic gas. Therefore, the rechargeable battery can be installed in the office or the machinery and equipment rooms of the supporting facilities, and there is no need to build a special type of rechargeable battery room, which reduces the project budget.

3. Long service life

When the lead-calcium alloy with good corrosion resistance is selected at 25℃, the normal flotation service life exceeds 10 years.

4. Good high-power discharge characteristics

Choose high-quality electrode plates and glass fiber plates with low internal resistance, and install them too tightly to make the battery resistance very small. High current charge and discharge in the range of -40c60c, its power is higher than 15% of the basic rechargeable battery.

5. Easy to install and use

The rechargeable battery has been fully charged in the original factory, and the battery obtained by the customer can be installed and delivered.

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