Power health and longevity, data center 'forever vitality'

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-11

For the data center, the longevity of the power supply is related to the eternal vitality of the data center. Problems in the operation of the data center are inevitable and the most effective method It is to make a preventive plan. In addition, extending the service life of the power supply is also crucial.

   With the deepening of the application of data centers in enterprises, the effective operation of data centers is related to the development of enterprises, and the downtime of data centers will bring huge losses to enterprises, even if it is The average loss of just one minute of downtime will exceed $7,900, and long-term power outages will undoubtedly seriously affect the operation of the enterprise, and may even cause data center managers to be fired. One of the best ways to reduce this risk is to maintain the batteries that support the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in the data center.

  Data center managers, especially those responsible for facility supervision, must support the business operations that generate revenue, are constantly working hard to overcome the threat of downtime , This is a matter of course.

   In a data analysis for a cumulative operating time of more than 700 million hours, covering a battery life of more than three years, it was found that compared with those without a battery monitoring system Data centers, those data centers that have installed battery monitoring systems can greatly reduce the chance of operational interruption caused by battery failure. Although these data centers may still be interrupted, these accidents are caused by isolated factors such as human operating errors, including not carefully checking the system or not knowing how to properly analyze the monitoring data. This also shows that the data center needs relevant experts to correctly monitor the data and maintain the system.

   These battery monitoring services add a high level of protection, strengthen the data center’s confidence in its critical infrastructure, and allow data center managers to be able to safely know whether their batteries are Being monitored, the possibility of minimizing unplanned downtime is realized. In addition, this continuous monitoring allows the data center to plan the future battery*** based on trend analysis.

   For today’s busy data center and IT managers, a popular solution is to use remote analysis services to analyze the monitoring of fixed batteries, and to embed remote monitoring technology To the power protection infrastructure. This technique should include integrated data collection to enable early warning.

  Using powerful remote monitoring technology, the individual responsible for managing important infrastructure does not need to be an expert. At present, it can also manage various technologies in complex data centers and increase work at the same time. The number of personnel. With its embedded capabilities, the monitoring function also enables an increase in mean time between failures and mean time to repair (MTTR).

  It is possible to increase MTTR through correct monitoring technology. Because the continuous connection allows infrastructure expert level support. They can continuously collect and analyze key parameter data and convert this information into actionable plans. This kind of remote diagnosis can make maintenance technicians more wise, so that they can target the areas that need repair before they reach the malfunctioning equipment.

   Finally, remote UPS and battery monitoring, the time to restore a UPS operation is much less than a continuous time method, in the latter, a simple event may also exceed eight hour. With the ability to detect potential problems early, and quickly respond to defects or battery degradation, it can monitor the reliability of the UPS battery system, so that your data center maintains the dynamic adaptability required by today's data center.

   In view of the increased dependence of corporate business on data center systems, data centers need to focus more on the availability of data centers and the reliability of key power systems. Data Central managers must know how to avoid downtime as much as possible, which means understanding the actual lifespan of your UPS battery and implementing multiple practices of preventive maintenance. With a comprehensive preventive maintenance program, including remote monitoring services, you can avoid costly downtime and, most importantly, ensure the normal operation of your data center!

   For the data center, the longevity of the power supply is related to the eternal vitality of the data center. During the operation of the data center, there will be The problem is inevitable. The most effective way is to make a preventive plan. In addition, extending the service life of the power supply is also crucial.

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