Pollution of lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-28
Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Environmental Protection jointly issued the 'Access Conditions for Lead Battery IndustryThe work shall be based on these access conditions. The access conditions will be officially implemented on July 1, 2012. At present, there are about 2,000 lead battery companies in the country. The number of companies is relatively small, and there are low-level repeated construction. Some companies have simple production equipment and imperfect environmental protection facilities. Some companies do not even have environmental protection facilities. Lead pollutants Directly discharged into the environment, leading to frequent occurrence of lead pollution incidents. The establishment of severe scale barriers 'protection distance limitation is conducive to controlling the impact of pollution. The earliest regulations on the protection distance are: lead-acid battery plants with an annual production scale greater than or equal to 100,000 kVAh, based on the average wind speed of the area in the past five years Different, the sanitary protection distances are 800 meters, 500 meters, and 400 meters respectively; later there is a reference to uniformly 1 kilometers. The 400 meters in the access conditions this time are consistent with the earlier standards, which is conducive to the control of lead-acid batteries The scope of the hidden pollution hazard will also eliminate small and medium-sized enterprises that are close to residential areas and cannot afford the cost of relocation and new construction.” Wang Jingzhong, vice chairman of the China Battery Industry Association, told a reporter from China Business Daily on May 18 last year. The Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the 'Notice on Strengthening the Prevention and Control of Pollution in the Lead Storage Battery and Secondary Lead Industry, Production can be resumed only after passing the inspection by the environmental protection department above the prefecture-level city The environmental impact assessment of construction projects of lead storage battery production and secondary lead smelting enterprises shall be examined and approved by the environmental protection department at or above the provincial level. 'The access conditions introduced this time will further standardize the industry from the source, and will become a new threshold for industry entry and standardized management. This is a consolidation of the results of environmental protection in 2011, and in addition to the protection distance, A number of indicators such as new projects, production capacity, plate circulation, production technology, energy-saving recycling, etc. will be included in the environmental protection inspection. Even if the enterprises that were subject to environmental protection remediation in 2011, they will still need to conduct another access inspection in the second half of 2012.' The reporter learned that the current work of eliminating unqualified lead-acid batteries in various places has achieved initial results. According to data from the China Battery Industry Association, the local environmental protection bureau has inspected 1,744 lead-acid battery manufacturers, and only 229 are still operating. Ms. Zhao Xinhua of Beijing Guoda Lianchuang Company said that there is indeed a pollution problem in the lead-acid battery production chain in my country, but this problem is not caused by the so-called backwardness of lead-acid batteries. It is a management problem and can be solved through hard work. .   She said that the pollution of lead-acid batteries can occur in three stages. The first is the mining and smelting process of lead ore, which mainly occurs in small factories and mines produced by the local method; the second is the production of lead-acid batteries. Some large enterprises have done a good job in the environmental protection and safety of the manufacturing process, which shows that lead The pollution of acid batteries in the production process can be treated; the third is the regeneration process of waste lead-acid batteries. Nowadays, the dry regeneration technology is commonly used in the regeneration process of lead-acid batteries. The disadvantage is that the lead recovery rate is not high, and the energy consumption is not low. Should be upgraded. In addition, manual recycling workshops for lead-acid batteries should be resolutely banned. 'We cannot give up on using lead-acid batteries because of choking, and no longer support its development. At present, the research and development of lead-acid batteries in our country does not receive government funding support. A large number of scientific and technical personnel have to change the direction of research. Large companies have to spend a lot of money to buy foreign Technical equipment, small enterprises simply participate in unfair competition at low cost and cause environmental pollution; coupled with poor management, an industrial structure in which advanced technology and backward technology coexist has been formed, which has disrupted the market and damaged the reputation of lead-acid batteries '   She said that the lead consumption of lead-acid batteries in the United States accounts for about 95% of the total lead consumption in the country. Due to sound regulations and effective management, lead emissions caused by the production of lead-acid batteries only accounted for 1.5% of the total emissions. The Obama administration once formulated a new energy development plan, of which $1.5 billion was given to the research and development of lead-acid batteries. In 2008, the U.S. government eliminated lead-acid battery production from the main source of lead pollution. In the future, my country's lead-acid battery industry should develop towards light weight, large capacity and long life; production towards energy saving, emission reduction and automation; resource utilization towards high recycling so as to realize the sustainable development of the entire industry.
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