Periodic inspection of UPS battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-14

   Periodic inspection of single battery in UPS uninterruptible power supply


  Professional inspectors can judge whether the battery is good or bad by measuring the open circuit voltage of the battery. Take a 12V battery as an example. If the open circuit voltage is greater than 12.5V, it means that the battery stores more than 80% of the energy. If the open circuit voltage is less than 12.5 volts, it should be charged immediately.


   In addition, if the open circuit voltage is less than 12V, it means that the battery’s stored power is less than 20% and it may not work properly.


   In addition, the maintenance-free battery uses an absorbing electrolyte system, so it will not produce any gas during normal use, but if the user uses it incorrectly, it will produce gas if the battery Too much charging. At this time, the internal pressure of the battery will increase. Therefore, the pressure valve on the battery will be opened. In severe cases, the battery will swell, deform, leak or even break.


   These phenomena can be judged from the outside. Once found, the battery should be replaced immediately.


   In addition to the above, discharge tests are carried out regularly, battery voltage is measured, and the appearance of the battery is visually inspected, such as deformation or swelling and leakage. You should also check the battery regularly,-whether the electrodes are oxidized; whether the battery terminals are loose, and so on. In addition, the longer the battery is used, the greater the intensity of regular maintenance, in order to avoid market power interruption and the inability to delay the use of UPS. The best operating environment for Shenzhen-1 battery is 0-40℃, avoid direct sunlight and keep it clean and ventilated.


   Finally, the personnel responsible for battery maintenance must be reminded to perform battery maintenance under the guidance of professional engineers, or simply invite professional engineers to do so without electric shock. Technical guidance: Power Kingdom

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