Opportunities and Challenges Brought by Cloud Computing to UPS Power

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-10

With the continuous deepening of cloud computing applications, China’s data center market will usher in a new period of leapfrog development in the future, and the next generation of data centers will be built into dynamic, intelligent, green, and scalable Cloud computing platform, to achieve these, to ensure the barrier-free operation of the Kstar UPS battery also faces challenges.

Cloud computing services such as application outsourcing, information hosting, and repeated data storage and update for the purpose of providing virtual redundancy will all increase significantly Internet traffic and the amount of data processed by cloud computing servers, these new traffic all need UPS protection, so cloud computing technology will not only replace UPS power supplies, but will also promote the overall market demand for UPS power supplies. The overall demand is also developing in the direction of standardization, high reliability, applicability, and green energy saving.

The first requirement brought by cloud computing is standardization. As the world’s leading provider of key power and cooling services, Qu Ying, vice president and general manager of data center business of Schneider Electric’s IT division, said: Schneider Electric’s APC products are fully standardized, whether UPS or power supply and distribution modules, and can be cooled by hot aisle containment systems and InRow. , Let our refrigeration become standardized and modular. Next, how to effectively manage the modular structure? We have the StruxureWare data center management software platform, which can fully monitor the buildings, power distribution, power supply, cooling, and actual operations in the data center, and then summarize them into one interface Inside, let you see at a glance. When adding and reducing devices, it will remind you all the applications that can affect the connection. Our products and solutions can fully meet the requirements of standardization.

If the development of the Internet has changed the world, the emergence of cloud technology has greatly improved this ability to change the world. UPS power supply is an important part of the data center infrastructure. The concept of cloud is also being introduced into the UPS power system. Eaton, as the world’s leading manufacturer of diversified energy management solutions, has launched two new UPS power technologies based on the concept of cloud computing. Wang Wei, Technical Director of Eaton’s North Asia Region, said: Cloud computing is the allocation of resources on demand, and UPS also It is hoped to use on-demand distribution to establish an energy efficiency optimization model for data center power supply. For this reason, Eaton has introduced the industry's leading technology of UPS module hibernation globally. When the device is in a low-load state where the amount of calculation is not large, some modules automatically enter the dormant state. As the amount of calculation increases, the modules will automatically start up and put into normal working state, which fully realizes the on-demand operation, thus improving While power supply is safe, energy consumption and IDCPUE value are reduced.

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