Operation and maintenance of maintenance-free lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-21
Automatic management and protection of maintenance-free lead-acid batteries can automatically monitor the battery terminal voltage, charge and discharge current, and control the equalization and floating charge of the battery; different typical charging curves can be set for different models and types of batteries.   When the equipment leaves the factory, the set value of the float voltage, equalizing voltage and strong charging voltage output by the charger is relatively low, which is far from meeting the operating requirements of the battery pack, causing the battery pack to be undercharged for a long time. In two years after installation, the maintenance personnel have not checked the charging and discharging of the battery, do not know whether the battery is running well, and do not understand the long-term undercharge of the battery. I mistakenly thought that maintenance-free battery cells do not require maintenance.   The operating personnel did not fully understand the performance of the battery and the charging equipment, did not properly monitor the operation of the battery, blindly believed that the maintenance-free battery does not need to be tested and maintained, and the maintenance-free battery and high-frequency charging equipment are operated and maintained.   The maintenance-free lead-acid battery is designed for continuous floating charge applications, and can also be used for cyclic charge and discharge. The charging method must adopt the current-limiting-constant-voltage method. When the battery is charged at a constant voltage, the current gradually decreases and eventually stabilizes. If it drops below 0.01C10 and remains basically unchanged for 3-5 hours, this indicates that the battery is basically fully charged and can be switched to floating charge operation. The chargers can automatically complete the constant current charging, constant voltage charging and floating charging process of the battery according to the pre-set operating parameters and the maintenance-free lead-acid battery.
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