Now automotive lead-acid battery season draws to a close - class-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-15
Car type lead-acid storage battery season draws to a close, orders at present gradually returns to normal, and the entire season this year the situation is not as good as expected, start type lead-acid batteries to slack season. The current mood automobile lead-acid battery business purchasing raw materials is not active, in addition to lead prices unstable factors, more important is the downstream industry downturn. In addition, the current restriction downstream battery production factors are: on the one hand, labor shortages, due to the price rising in eastern coastal areas, while wages of workers is not big, change jobs, many migrant workers because of dissatisfaction with wages and downstream enterprises in zhejiang, guangdong, etc all have embodied; Last year, on the other hand, the environmental protection check reason, the lead-acid battery enterprise production cost increasing, enterprise pressure, will affect its utilization, reduce the demand for pure lead. At present, shandong, hebei ongoing environmental inspection. Recently released by the China association of automobile manufacturers January car sales, according to data from automobile production completed in January 129. 940000 and 138. 980000 cars, quarter-on-quarter decline in 23, respectively. 2% and 17. 75% year-on-year decline in 27 respectively. 47 and 26. 39%, which to a certain extent, make the start type lead-acid battery enterprises present & other; Slack season, low light & throughout; The pattern.
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