New battery technology will change the future energy market pattern

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-28
According to the British 'Guardian' report, in the 21st century, the global automotive market has exploded. China has surpassed the United States to become the world's largest auto market. At present, about 85% of gasoline and 20% of diesel consumption in my country each year come from automobiles. Correspondingly, the skyrocketing automobile consumption has brought about rapid energy consumption and environmental degradation.   technology has two innovations in core materials compared with traditional batteries. First, the traditional battery anode material is composed of graphite powder, which has low energy storage rate and fast consumption. On the basis of accumulators and lithium batteries, the new battery uses organic silicon materials to develop battery anodes, creating battery energy twice higher than traditional graphite powder, and effectively improving battery life. Compared with graphite powder, organic silicon is lighter and smaller, making the battery more portable.  Secondly, by changing the ratio of battery core materials to increase battery safety. Currently, the main materials of batteries are manganese, nickel and cobalt. Among them, the radioactivity and toxicity of cobalt will damage the battery itself. The new technology greatly reduces the cobalt content to 16%, rationalizes the cost, strength, efficiency and safety of the battery, and more effectively reduces the production cost.   In addition, in addition to changes to new materials, the new technology is also improving assembly materials, thermal management fluids, adhesives, cathode powders, and anode powders. It is understood that in the process of making batteries, 3M has always tapped the potential of various new materials. Perhaps a brand-new material may change the battery life.  It is not difficult to foresee that the new energy vehicle industry chain will focus on the production of electric vehicles, and battery technology will become the core issue of the sustainable development of this market.   At present, consumers’ concerns about electric vehicles also lie in batteries. Based on the research results of new materials, 3M provides a complete and mature battery power solution for the electric vehicle market, and the battery technology suitable for daily electric vehicles is becoming more mature. Successfully developed an insoluble nano-scale coating process for electric vehicle battery current collectors.   This technology increases the electrical conductivity and capacity performance of the current collector, greatly reduces the size of the battery, provides strong engine power for electric vehicles, and successfully solves the problem of large size and weak electrical conductivity of electric vehicles. Aiming at the problem of short battery life of electric vehicles, and aiming to solve the problem of heat dissipation or thermal runaway caused by the battery working under the condition of too high or too low temperature, 3M has developed a new thermal management solution for battery assembly, which uses air, liquid or The heat management technology based on the phase change material as the medium improves the overall performance of the battery and prolongs the service life of the electric vehicle battery.
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