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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-14
Lead battery industry consolidation. Zhejiang, hubei, shandong, hebei, guangdong province announced the latest list of lead battery production, assembly and recycling enterprise, zhejiang itself is the largest, up to 83% to shut down, shut down more than 50% of hebei province. In the rectification of the impact of several aspects: one is the enterprise production resulting in a decrease of stages of lead consumption; 2 it is big business for share with battery capacity expansion, second, the third quarter of this year, lead battery listed companies high inventory, reflects the expansion of lead battery out of sync with the terminal consumption; Three is the benign development of the lead battery industry, to consolidate for a long time in the field of battery status. At present, the lead-acid battery is still the most important sequence of battery, according to the Chinese chemical ( 601117). And physical power industry association statistics, in 2011 China lead-acid battery sales revenue accounted for 67% of the whole chemical power sales, lead-acid battery exports account for 21% of the chemical power exports. Supply and demand are not synchronized concentrate and pure lead in plentiful supply. Although concentrate processing fee is not high, silver hangs at home and abroad such as factors affect the profits of lead ore imports, but the enthusiasm of domestic refining enterprises import lead, 1 - October this year, China imported 1. 53 million tons of lead concentrate, rose 31%. At the same time, the benefit from the rising of the second half of the silver, lead smelting production also remain high. Domestic downstream consumption is very not to force. Car sales in October dropped from 0. 7%, not the continuation of the first two month-on-month growth trend, & other; Golden nine silver ten & throughout; Very dull, mobile base station equipment production for a fourth consecutive month-on-month decline, motorcycle production record high in September, after 10 back slightly 2 y/y. 5%. Consumption is expected to last two months of this year, hard to change. To sum up, although there was a stable china-us economic indicators, loose signal for help by Europe, alleviate the market pessimism, but still couldn't find a reason for optimism. Domestic supplies remain high, final demand growth, spot stagflation. Advice to oscillation ideas, LME price range in 2200-2300 dollars/tons, or Shanghai lead in 15000-15500 yuan/ton range.
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