Misunderstandings in the use of lead-acid battery detectors

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-12
Label: From the user’s point of view, battery detection is actually two purposes: one is to determine whether the battery needs to be replaced [State of Health (SOH)], and the other is whether to recharge [State of Charge (SOC)], which is the battery Maintain the core of testing. For battery testing, the following two points must be correctly understood 1. Correctly understand the standard value of internal resistance. For a battery of a brand and model, its initial internal resistance is certain. You can use a battery condition tester to measure the initial internal resistance, and then use a sticker on the battery. The battery condition tester will correct this initial internal resistance value according to the battery's service life, state of charge and temperature during the test, and then it can be used for comparison. When the internal resistance test value is higher than the initial value by 40%, it can be concluded that the battery has deteriorated or will soon deteriorate. In fact, the internal resistance of a bad battery is far more than 40%, usually more than twice. 2. Correctly understand the inherent capacity, the retained capacity and the state of charge. The inherent capacity is the maximum limit value of the energy that the battery can store. The retained capacity is the energy value that the battery can provide under current conditions. The state of charge refers to how little energy the battery actually accepts. Decrease of inherent capacity and undercharge of lead-acid battery will cause the decrease of retained capacity. The holding capacity is the value we actually really care about. The evaluation of the retained capacity is a very complicated matter. The retained capacity is actually just a vague concept, because when everyone talks about the retained capacity, they generally don’t mention the retained capacity at a certain discharge rate and temperature, but at different discharge rates and The holding capacity at a certain temperature is different, but it does not matter. We can roughly judge the state of charge by the terminal voltage, and then calculate the battery holding capacity at room temperature based on the change in the inherent capacity. The ambient temperature of the substation and communication base station is close to 25°, and the estimated value of the state of charge is close to 100% in the floating state. note. This is the starting voltage, not the float voltage measured online. The battery detector will also bring some misunderstandings to users. The following points are the most common: 1. The instrument itself is not easy to use. The consistency of the test of the purchased equipment is not good, and the temperature is too high. For some internal resistance meters, the test contact points for the same battery are different, and the measured internal resistance value can be more than doubled, and the difference between the first test value and the tenth test value may also be doubled. Such a device cannot be used. To judge the health of the battery. 2. Use the internal resistance meter instead of the discharge meter to judge the holding capacity, and it turns out that the results are very different. Earlier, I mentioned that the retained capacity is not equal to the state of charge. The retained capacity is equal to the product of the state of charge and the rate of change of internal resistance. Nowadays, the capacity value given by many internal resistance testers is the inherent capacity, while the discharge meter checks the retained capacity. , So there will be discrepancies. If it is assumed that the lead-acid battery is in a 100% state of charge, the inherent capacity is equal to the retained capacity. Because of the space, I can't describe this issue. Our intelligent lead-acid storage tank status tester has the function of calculating the holding capacity. We have verified the reliability of the test at Wanli Storage Battery Factory. But not all internal resistance meters have this function, so please ask clearly when choosing. 3. The method used is wrong. When judging, use the standard value recommended by the instrument manufacturer to judge a good battery as a bad battery and a bad battery as a good battery. Lead-acid batteries actually have no idea of u200bu200bthe standard internal resistance value. The internal resistance values u200bu200bof the same type of battery with the same capacity are different. Many domestic experts have spent a lot of time to prove this conclusion. Our internal resistance meter is not The standard value is used to judge the health of the battery. The IEEE1188-2005 standard also refers to the initial value of the internal resistance of the battery. What needs to be corrected here is that what we say is that the internal resistance is actually just an equivalent of judgment. The internal resistance test method is currently the only feasible method for battery maintenance and testing. Internal resistance test The operating method of the internal resistance tester is very simple, similar to that of a multimeter, but the testing mechanism behind it is very complicated. Different types of batteries have different evaluation indicators, and the displayed amount after the test is different. Once, the secondary lead-acid battery is different, the backup power supply and the start-up power battery are also different. The deep-discharged battery and the shallow-discharged battery are even more different. Be sure to choose the instrument that suits you when you buy it. Add some theoretical knowledge and understand the characteristics of the battery, so as to ensure that your battery has been maintained in a good technical state
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