Misunderstandings in car battery maintenance

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-27
The battery is the nerve center of the electric vehicle circuit, and its performance directly affects the normal operation of the vehicle. However, some car owners and maintenance personnel do not understand or pay no attention to the use and maintenance of the battery, which causes early damage to the battery and even damage to other electrical equipment. Now the editor gives some misunderstandings encountered in daily work:    One: Ignore the vent of the battery. The vent on the new battery cover is generally sealed, and the adhesive paper must be removed when using it, otherwise the pores will not be able to remove gas during chemical reactions. , Will cause an explosion due to excessive pressure.  Second: The charge capacity of the battery does not match the engine.   The current to start the engine generally reaches 150-200A, and even reaches 300A at low temperatures. If the charge capacity does not match the engine and the battery charge is small, the resistance will increase when starting, and the battery will discharge violently, speeding up the reaction of active materials and sulfuric acid per unit time, making the battery temperature super high, and the plates will deform and bend due to load , Causing the active material to fall off, the plate is damaged early, and the battery life is greatly reduced. If the car uses a large-capacity battery, the active material cannot be fully utilized, resulting in a decline in economy. The battery is determined according to the power and voltage of the starter and the load of the electrical equipment when it is installed. Therefore, when swapping, be sure to match the charge capacity with the engine.   Third: The addition of distilled water to the battery of an electric car is too random.    Usually, after the battery is filled with water, the car must be run for a period of time, and the battery is charged through a generator to fully mix the distilled water and electrolyte, and the battery performance is not affected. On the contrary, if it does not operate after adding distilled water, the distilled water and the electrolyte cannot be mixed sufficiently, which will cause self-discharge of the battery or damage the polarity of the battery.  Fourth: The new battery is not charged for the first time.   The first charge of the battery is called the first charge, and the first charge has a great influence on the service life of the battery. If it is not charged, that is, if it is used directly with water, the battery capacity is not high and its life is very short; if it is directly charged, it will also shorten its life. Normally, the initial charging of the battery is after filling the electrolyte, and then it can be installed and used after charging with a small current for about 1 hour.
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