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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-10
1962 2011 screening lead-acid battery enterprises ( Including 184 secondary lead enterprises) And outlaw close around 736, 565 production regulation, out of 284. In addition, the national 26 provinces ( Autonomous regions and municipalities) The environmental protection department taking the lead battery authority for examination and approval of construction project environmental impact assessment. From the national policy level of industry consolidation, no doubt, good lead-acid battery industry leading enterprises. For these companies due to the relevant enterprises in the industry consolidation hardest hit, small factory closures and medium-sized enterprises due to the problems of shortage of funds directly face the difficulty, which bring leading enterprise merger integration opportunities, because of the lead-acid battery listed companies mostly subdivision industry leading, in environmental protection industry consolidation and access standards rise, leading enterprises are expected to benefit from the new market structure. Environmental protection special action this year will also further implement control measures, strengthen supervisory, accelerate the elimination of lead accumulator backward production capacity, to prevent pollution rebound lead battery enterprises. Around to June 30, 2012, announced on all heavy non-ferrous metal acquisition within their respective jurisdictions, smelting and leather tanning, electroplating enterprises list and renovation progress, update the lead-acid battery enterprise management information, accept social supervision.
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