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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-01
Industrial structure, the lithium battery industry mainly can be divided into upstream of the lithium battery material industry, including cathode materials, anode materials, membrane, electrolyte, etc. , the current mainstream market basic monopoly by Japanese, south Korean companies, although mainland Chinese companies are trying to seek breakthrough, but the current technical level there is still a large gap. Middle enterprises mainly produce batteries products, still in Japan and South Korea enterprise as the leading factor, but Chinese companies have started to break through. And the downstream enterprises mainly battery module assembly manufacturing, including Taiwan, China, and Japan and South Korea the upstream enterprise assembly plant. So, it is clear that the domestic enterprises there is no advantage in technology, mid-range market positioning is inevitable. “ 3 without & throughout; Enterprises out of urgent as the new energy industry market position has become increasingly prominent, the lithium battery industry in China has become a high-profile market, and then empress is continuous injection of emerging enterprises, but the main body of the good and bad are intermingled, market development level limit under the massive influx of outside will no doubt a good posture, the effect of malignant, imitation, reproduction, repeat intensified lagging characteristics such as subject but also make the lithium battery industry in China presents the potential of chaos. Type towards upstream of low-end market main body and the & other; 3 without & throughout; Enterprises are imperative. Compared with the influx of low-end market boom, cold and cheerless high-end market will surely show the vulnerability lithium battery industry development in our country. As domestic lithium battery industry and other high-end market; Always insurmountable & throughout; Important areas, actually it is important problem to be breakthrough and improvement of industrial development, otherwise, just lingering in the low-end market of lithium battery industry in China, talk about what a breakthrough development. 【 How to realize the rapid and sound development? 】 Straighten out the management system of industry positioning reasonable planning in recent years, the electric car industry as an important branch of new energy vehicles, get the fad of the market, and the lithium battery industry as the engine of the development of electric vehicle industry also ushered in the broad market demand, so many enterprises to the wrong location of the lithium battery industry, in fact, the lithium battery is not only a part for electric vehicles, lithium battery industry should be a clear positioning for energy storage industry, preparation of lithium battery industry development plan in a timely manner. The National Development and Reform Commission, ministry of industry, Ministry of Science and Technology and other functional departments shall specify the permissions, do their job.
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