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by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-21
To obtain a production license, a battery company must first pass the environmental assessment and the 'Access ConditionsThe enterprise entrusted the provincial-level Ministry of Environmental Protection for preliminary review and reported it to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and experts for review. The approved battery companies were issued a list by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Environmental Protection. In July, the late 'Lead Battery Industry Access Conditions' was formally implemented; 'Admission ticket  Data shows that from January to May this year, my country’s lead-acid battery output was 67.46 million kVA, a year-on-year increase of 17.57%, and a year-on-year increase of 29.95% in May, an increase of 8.8% month-on-month. So, I can't help but have such doubts: Why is my country's lead battery production capacity increasing instead of decreasing? What will the implementation of the access conditions and the list of companies 'topping' the industry to eliminate outdated production capacity bring to the lead-acid battery industry? However, the entry requirements this time are not as severe as expected, and it gives companies that do not meet the production capacity a 1-2 years to withdraw.   But overall, due to repeated pollution and poisoning incidents, the country's pressure on the production capacity of lead batteries is obvious. However, since last year, the output of lead-acid batteries has continued to grow. The suspension of most lead-acid battery companies has led to serious downstream strains. At the same time, industry leaders have taken advantage of the trend to expand, and production capacity has not decreased but increased.   In addition, the downstream electric bicycle industry also began to reorganize the industry in 2011. According to statistics, the domestic production of electric bicycles was 29.54 million in 2010 and 26 million in 2011, down 12% year-on-year. Then with the elimination of upstream lead battery companies that do not meet the standard, the structure of the entire lead battery industry will be adjusted, and its production capacity will eventually reach a normal level.
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