Lead battery industry integrated enterprise benefit-Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-12
At present our country is the world's largest producer of lead battery and one of the main export countries, more than a quarter of the world's total output. Lead battery products are widely used in automobile, electric power, bank, and other fields, it is difficult to be replaced by other products in a short period of time, but there are also group outfit enterprise, low degree of automation, more resources, environmental pollution is serious, the environmental protection facilities of occupational health management need to be strengthen. The conditions of release is to speed up the lead battery production in China industry structure adjustment and the powerful tools for the transformation of the mode of development, promote the barriers to entry will be conducive to lead battery industry leading the rapid development of the company. Champ consulting energy industry analysts believe that the lead battery industry access conditions launch will make many unreasonable excluded, small scale of enterprises, very beneficial to the industry structure adjustment, to realize resource integration and listed company bigger and stronger. With the implementation of the access to the third quarter of 2012 industry supply and demand will be relatively tense, part of the breakdown of applications, such as automobile starting batteries, communication batteries market prices in the condition of shortage of the possible future increase. From the point of SAN Yang profit, last year reported greater revenue growth of the company. But revenue growth at the same time, its net profit growth is small, mainly due to the gross margin of communications equipment batteries must decline. So look at the company's performance mainly lies in the new energy storage battery sales will maintain strong growth. Photovoltaic market in the future if can have a massive launch, or related to wind power is relatively stable growth, will become the main growth point of the company's performance.
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