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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-14
: 'access' will severely. 'Access' is to make sure their lead battery career stagnation of temporary weakness can continue the first access. To ensure the enforcement of 'access', 'tentative method' to understand the rules: request access placards of lead battery consumption enterprises must conform to all the requests of 'access'; Provincial light industry and news director unit in mid - February, may, August and November, will be judged by consistent access the list of companies and distributed information about the request the ministry; The ministry institutions relevant association and adept, adopt the form of data check and spot check on the spot, for provincial light industry and news director unit of distributed enterprise list and request information to stop censoring. To prevent enterprises from access review, 'the tentative method' emphasizes: group company flag balance is golden the qualifications of independent legal representive. it is also the subsidiary, demand for common request; Lies not with the location of the factory or consumer groups demand fill in the written request for access to check together; Miit will institutions relevant association and adept, or please provincial light industry and news director unit, for the admittance notice list of lead battery consumption enterprises stop no current spot check. Capacity, skills, backward enterprises will be eliminated. Is capacity range, the access request enterprise years old power consumption of no less than twenty volt ampere hour; To establish an enterprise expansion, change in power consumption are of no less than 50 volt ampere hour; The old plate consumption goods enterprises plate consumption power of no less than 100 volt ampere hour; And eyes wide international annual capacity is 20 vah way of lead battery enterprises accounted for about 71% of the business enterprise combined, that about seventy percent of enterprises will be eliminated. In addition to this, the access from the condition of process equipment, screen, occupational health, energy saving and recycling application scope for an enterprise to put forward the request, such as plate must adopt externalization into process of pure goods consumption will have been restricted, gradually guide the enterprise to complete the connection plate and battery consumption, promote internalized into conservative consumption process. Skills face-lifting goods without restriction. 'Access' thought to some new battery pack is not has a range of consumption environment, 'access' will & other; Coiling, bipolar, lead, carbon batteries, The battery pack) Such as the new lead battery & throughout; The goods was not subject to the limit of the power consumption. Lead battery stock market is bigger, clean up good integration enterprise. Lead battery is chemical battery in the market share of the largest and the most widely use category battery pack the goods, are motor starting, such as large scale energy storage using's sphere is naive to replace the goods, according to the state statistics bureau, 2011 above its scope of lead battery enterprise realizes the total output of 14229. Of 6 volt ampere hour, beyond a quarter of the social production, enterprise consolidation good home plate and heavy consumption of battery connection integration enterprise.
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