Lead battery consumption tax average profit is only about 3% - 4%-Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-15
Long hot lead battery consumption tax boots to the ground. Although the final confirmation of lead battery product collection of taxes and fees, a year rate also fell to 4% from 5% to discuss, but recently the industry leading enterprises to SMM expressed anxiety. On January 26, the Ministry of Finance, state administration of taxation jointly issued caishui [2015] no. 16 on the coating on the battery consumption tax notice specifically & other; On December 31, 2015 for lead-acid batteries collection consumption tax; Since January 1, 2016, the consumption tax on lead-acid batteries according to 4% tax rate. ” Group chairman, deputy to the National People's Congress, day Zhang Tianren told SMM, consumption can make the lead battery enterprise in serious existence crisis, become overwhelmed the lead battery industry & other; The final straw & throughout; 。 He disclosed that at present our country lead battery product profit is only about 3%, once according to 4% tax rate, will no doubt continue to increase the lead battery production cost, and technical ability and the level of environmental protection enterprises to be constrained, lead battery and its supporting industries will suffer a fatal blow. Consistent lead battery and other related enterprises in our country, therefore, strongly oppose a lead battery consumption. In addition, he also said that a lead battery consumption tax is to solve the problem of environmental protection, should be included in the environmental law, is not the scope of consumption tax policy, he will also at this year's two sessions on the proposals were put forward
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