Lead-acid battery use environment and daily maintenance rules

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-25
1. The lead-acid battery room requires that the lead-acid battery installation place should be far away from heat sources and places prone to sparks, such as transformers, power switches or fuses, and the safety distance should be more than 0.5 meters. The indoor temperature should generally be kept at about 25°C. Lead-acid batteries should be protected from direct sunlight, and the installation environment should be free of organic solvents and corrosive gases. The surface of the battery and electrodes should be cleaned at any time, and anti-rust measures should be taken. The exchange office should generally have an independent battery room. The contents of the lead-acid battery that need to be checked frequently are as follows:    1. Terminal voltage; 2. Whether the connection is loose, heating, or corroding (clean up in time and take anti-rust measures); 3. Whether the lead-acid battery shell is leaking And deformation; 4. Whether there is acid mist escaping around the pole and safety valve (frosting phenomenon).   2. The sealed lead-acid battery does not need to be charged before use for the first time, but supplementary charging is required. The supplementary charging should adopt the current-limiting constant voltage charging method, and the charging voltage should be carried out according to the instructions. Under normal circumstances (the lead-acid battery is stored for no more than half a year, and the ambient temperature is 25℃) the supplementary charging voltage and charging time are as follows:   cell battery voltage (V) Charging time (H) 2.23 2~3 days 2.30~2.33V 1~2 days In other temperature conditions, the charging time should be adjusted appropriately. If the ambient temperature is between 10 and 20°C, the charging time should be doubled. If the ambient temperature is higher than 25°C, the charging time should be shortened. 3. Floating charging voltage When the ambient temperature is 20~29℃, the average floating charging voltage of lead-acid battery is 2.23 volts for each single battery. Different temperature ranges can be determined according to the following standards:   ambient temperature (℃) floating charging Voltage (V) 0~9 2.2910~19 2.2620~29 2.2330~39 2.20 IV. Equalizing voltage The equalizing voltage of lead-acid batteries can be set to 2.30~2.33V/pc. The specific requirements are as follows:    1. Floating voltage is one Only the above is less than 2.18V/pc, the processing method is that after the lead-acid battery discharges about 50% of the capacity, it is recommended to charge it for 2 to 3 days in the case of manual equalization. If it is still not recoverable, please contact us; 2. Discharge 20% When the above rated capacity, automatic equalization is required; 3. Automatic equalization once every 10 weeks; 4. The automatic equalization time is set to 15h.   V. Others 1. After the lead-acid battery is discharged, it should be recharged immediately, so as not to restore the capacity due to too long storage time.  2. Lead-acid batteries should not be discharged with excessive or very small current, and the discharge voltage should not be lower than the lead-acid battery's termination voltage to avoid deep discharge.   3. Lead-acid batteries in normal use must not open the safety valve, so as not to affect the safety and reliability of lead-acid batteries.  4. When connecting lead-acid batteries in series and parallel, as well as loading and unloading, the lead-acid batteries should be prevented from short-circuiting, the tools used must be insulated, and the connecting bolts must be tightened.   5. Lead-acid batteries with a capacity lower than 80% of the rated value should be updated.   6. The replacement lead-acid battery should be replaced as a whole group, and the replacement should be the same brand and the same batch of products to maintain the uniformity of the battery pack.
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