Lead-acid battery test method-Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-05
As the battery aging, their voltage & ndash; — Time curve shows a similar initial voltage value, but the curve slope increases with the discharge time. For any new lead-acid battery, R is usually not a linear relationship with and discharge capacity. Electrolyte saturation, into a full degree ( Especially the plate surface) , partition & ndash; — Subtle variations in plate interface contact area and pressure are only minor influence on resistance, but may produce very big effect on discharge process. Initial electrolyte volume small increase will only make battery total resistance R slightly decreased. But because of the lack of acid, electrolyte volume small increase leads to discharge the extension of time, the 12 v battery pack will be present in the cell, the differences between the resistance and the open circuit voltage measurement can be used to identify those unqualified battery: their voltage drop too fast, beyond the normal range, the top is the main defect of the nonconforming connection is bad, too little electrolyte volume, air leakage or short circuit. In the storage battery in use process, these non design defects can be easily measured by the resistance and the open circuit voltage method. Many battery manufacturers and discharge load method by the use of open circuit voltage of battery products for final quality inspection, receiving, users also can use this method in the battery and the use of lead-acid battery installation process on the test.
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