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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-06
Along with our country automobile, telecommunications, the rapid growth of the electric power, transportation and other industries, especially in recent 5 years, lead-acid battery not only occupies the battery market dominance, but also keep growing at an annual rate of 15%. Conventional lead-acid battery is mainly used in cars and electric bikes. In the car market at present, China's auto market has about 50 million cars, and keep the 15. 46% annual increase. The rapid development of the auto industry will continue to be a lead battery industry continued rapid growth of important driving factor. The appearance of the cars is not the end of the era of lead-acid battery, on the contrary also provides a new profit growth point. In the next ten years, the new hybrid is expected to reach annual sales of 9. 6 million vehicles level, market share will rise to 10. 2%, special vehicle will also have 20 billion yuan in the future market. And now, in these small hybrid electric vehicles and special electric vehicle use (more than 95% 0) ( 0) Other comment on this article reviews information aggregation, seec BBS please enter the verification code lead-acid battery. Lithium battery car to replace lead-acid battery market, and through a period of time. Therefore, the amount of electric cars listed are likely to make lead-acid battery market capacity. The same situation also appears in the field of electric bicycle. China electric bicycle ownership is about 1. 100 million, as an important means of transportation, has remained nearly 20% annual growth rate. Zhang Songping expects the application field in the next five years will form the market 80 billion yuan or so, the batteries in 16 billion, replacing battery market in 64 billion. Removal of the main application fields of automotive batteries was stable growth, Zhang Songping thinks, power, 3 g communications applications will also be lead-acid battery a new development direction.
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