Lead-acid battery requires constant maintenance-Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-02
Lead-acid battery has a history of more than 100 years, which are widely used for internal combustion engine car starting power source, it is also the mature electric vehicle battery. Lead-acid battery positive and negative electrode lead dioxide and lead, respectively, for the sulfuric acid electrolyte. Lead-acid batteries and can be divided into two categories, namely, water injection type lead-acid battery and valve control type lead acid battery. The former price, but need regular maintenance, added electrolyte; The latter through the security control valve automatically adjust inside sealed battery when charging or abnormal work produce excess gas, free maintenance, more in line with the requirements of electric vehicles. Because of lead-acid battery technology is mature, after further improvement of the lead-acid battery will still be recent main power electric cars, electric cars under development with advanced lead-acid battery has the following several kinds: horizontal lead-acid batteries, bipolar sealed lead-acid battery, coil type electrode lead-acid batteries, etc. Maintenance-free battery is made of lead calcium alloy, the decomposition of water quantity is little, low evaporation, compared with the conventional lead-acid batteries do not need to add any liquid, and corrosion of the terminal, wire and body small, overcharge resistance is strong, large starting current, power storage time is long. Lead-acid battery is made up of positive and negative plate, plate, shell, electrolyte and terminal of first class, in the process of using, WeiHuXing lead-acid battery can cause excessive water due to the nature of its own decomposition, reduce the electrolyte. Overall, lead-acid battery has a good reliability, the advantages of raw materials easy, cheap, than power also can basically satisfy the requirement of the electric vehicle power performance.
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