Lead-acid battery recycling is the highlight of environmental protection

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-23
As we all know, the current pollution problem in the lead-acid battery industry lies mainly in the recycling process, and the main force in the collection of lead-acid batteries is some individual enterprises. Such enterprises may burn the used batteries after they collect them, or they may smash the battery heads. , Dumping the waste acid and lead sludge inside, causing pollution; in addition, handing useful plastics, such as plates, to some illegal factories that have no protection at all for environmental protection measures, which will cause secondary pollution, so It is necessary to introduce some implementable rules to regulate the collection channels. The recycling of lead-acid batteries is an issue that needs attention. In this issue, collection channels are the focus. It is recommended to use third-party power to establish a standardized collection channel covering the whole country. If no enterprise has the power to organize a national regulatory channel, it is necessary to focus on standardizing the existing collection team. Some companies engaged in the recycling of waste batteries have established their own collection networks, but they need guidance from companies with exemplary specifications. It is hoped that backbone lead-acid battery companies will rationally use their own sales channels to collect lead-acid batteries sold. , And then deal with it. The author believes that if there are some professional collection companies that can collect nearby, it is also a feasible way to entrust local qualified companies to handle it, but the next step is to explore a way to regulate collection channels. The more advanced method abroad is to establish a lead-acid battery regeneration association and a third-party organization, which has a strong reference value for our country. Lead-acid battery recycling requires enterprises, individuals and related organizations to raise their awareness, so as to create an environment conducive to reasonable recycling, and strive to form a lead-acid battery recycling method with Chinese characteristics, so that the lead-acid battery industry will truly become an environmentally friendly industry. The key step.
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