Lead-acid battery out? - wait for ten years Lead-acid battery

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-06
Lead is a people don't like raw material, even a very small amount can also endanger human individual life; If inappropriate leaded waste processing, for a long time can't be break down. Even so, the lead is still nearly a century, auto core technology components & ndash; — The important component of the battery pack. Through the auxiliary battery pack, the driver can directly use the ignition key to start the engine, without having to use the most traditional start crank, which cause the driver hand bone fracture events occur occasionally. From the current development status and car battery suppliers, car manufacturers claim, 12 v lead-acid battery before 2020 is unlikely to be completely replaced. Battery manufacturers and carmakers have been jointly apply to the eu, hope the lead-acid battery can continue to obtain the immunity of hazard substances regulations. Industry association, the international lead in a statement, starting with lead-acid battery, or the next several years the necessities of all the world's car. Application in a very formal way to eu regulators, the eu has many standard according to the outline of scrapped automobiles guidance public review for lead-acid battery. Materials outline is going to ban lead in vehicles continues to appear, but the battery manufacturers, car manufacturers and industry association of the joint group of request open the immunity of the lead-acid battery, let it can continue to use time in eight years. Joint materials group involved in a study to show the current is not feasible to replace product of a lead-acid battery, can make the vehicle ignition starts smoothly in cold climates. Study also mentioned that now within the scope of the European Union, 99% of lead-acid batteries are recycled; Compared with their cars all the negative effect to the environment, so high circulation utilization for the effects of storage battery. In addition, the latest lead-acid battery start-stop system and micro hybrid system significantly reduce the carbon emissions of the car, also had a positive impact on the environment. Although high-performance car manufacturers to provide a lot of lithium ion battery pack as the optimal selection, but the vast majority are used in lighter weight compact car, there is no large size models 12 v lead-acid battery other than the product assembly, as the starting ignition power supply. In addition to the European automobile manufacturers' association, federation of Japanese and Korean car makers also support the application for lead-acid battery immunity
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