Lead-acid battery is expected to be a new lease on life -Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-07
The current car non-recurring demand ( Travel distance is expected) For not less than 320 kilometers, & other; This regard, all-electric vehicle battery power is difficult to support. ” As a new energy vehicles is one of the seven strategic emerging industries despite broad prospects, but also encountered many problems such as cost, market and security. In the recently held & other The fourth China battery technology innovation (2012 Shanghai) BBS & throughout; Is presented in this paper, the expert inside course of study of the above problems on the solution, and increase the program generator technical route is put forward. Therefore, conventional lead-acid battery is also expected to rebirth in the field of electric vehicles. In his view, the problem of the solution is to add the program generator & ndash; — Through a small internal combustion engine and generator box installed in the car, the oil tank can be transferred to electricity as a supplement. Increase program generator advantage first is fuel-efficient, powered by battery within current mileage, fuel consumption zero zero emissions, rather than the current mileage use a program generator, fuel efficient than the traditional fuel machines, half year average oil-saving rate was 90%. At the same time, lifting the user long drive worry, car battery can be greatly reduced. And that means less energy consumption and lower battery purchase and use cost. At the same time, it also does not need to rely on high power charging stations. And, more importantly, have to add the backing code generator, car battery energy can reduce according to actual situation, you can even choose is lower than that of the lithium battery is safer than energy storage battery, such as lead-acid battery. Travel distance every day in the 60 km below the user can use the lead-acid battery of cheap and safe.
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