Lead-acid battery - in the field of environmental concern is getting higher and higher-Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-09
Lead-acid batteries battery industry for a long time as start of environmental pollution, the environmental protection is becoming more and more high degree of attention, therefore, there is a need for battery production gradually towards the non-toxic, non-polluting, research and development of various new green battery research project also then at this stage in the field of all kinds of major technical has the vital role and status. Of lead battery through a period of time since the consolidation of the enterprise, has nearly eighty percent in the production of lead-acid battery unqualified enterprises were shut down. Because & other; Blood lead & throughout; Incident broke out in all over the world, and the deep knowledge of the lead-acid battery pollution, seems to be the production and use of lead batteries will certainly cause lead pollution. Pollution generated in the production and use of lead-acid battery mainly in lead ore mining, battery production, waste battery recycling within the three links. At present most of the lead-acid battery production enterprises involved in the manufacture of storage battery, and lead ore mining and waste battery recycling both links have a professional company to undertake. The pollution of lead acid battery can be controlled, even can be avoided. As long as the government departments to strengthen supervision, production enterprises to improve production technology, lead-acid battery this & other; Dark energy & throughout; It is absolutely can be converted to & other; Green energy & throughout; .
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