Lead-acid battery in China over the past two years the three point of consumption: -Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-22
Professor Hu Xin countries analyzes the lead-acid batteries in the past two years, three point of consumption: one, the electric bicycle market. Electric bicycle sales more than three thousand last year, more than 97% use lead-acid batteries. Relevant data show that at present China's electric bicycle's 1. 400 million, new car every year when the market will reach 56 million kva and replace. Second, the car. Rapid development of automobile starting batteries is also a large family. Output is 18. 5 million cars in China last year, the national ownership of more than 100 million cars, has become a global the first big car sales. And exports each year and replace the start type lead-acid batteries over 53 million kva, and demand for electric bikes. Third, industrial battery. Mainly for communications back-up power, wind, solar energy storage battery, etc. Energy storage battery manufacturer orders at present in short supply, and even had no time to production, and in the fourth quarter of electric bicycle market situation is completely opposite. This is due to the rapid development in recent years, telecommunications, and previous supply infrastructure many battery to replace. So close to a year or two communications back-up power demand is quite big, will be about 40 million kva. Together, our country last year, sales of lead-acid battery in 1. At about 4. 4 billion kva. According to forecast international agencies, is expected in 2017 China lead-acid battery sales of up to 2. 400 million kva.
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