Lead-acid battery enterprise starts to return to decline - Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-09-01
Recently on the investigation of domestic all kinds of lead battery production situation shows that domestic lead battery enterprise overall starts in July of 62. 67% in June, 64. 1, 32% by shallow declines. 65%. Overall, lead battery enterprise starts in July dropped from major domestic and foreign orders are not affected, the in conformity with the macro data published in July in China. In July China manufacturing purchasing managers' index ( PMI) For 50. 0, 1%, year-on-year declines. Low 1%, 8 months, of which the production index of 51. 0, 8%, more than last month declines. 2%, the lowest since December 2011, showed that manufacturing growth continued to slow; The new orders index for 49. 0%, lower than last month, 0. 2%, lower than the critical point for three months, showed that manufacturing market demand continued to drop trend; Exports in July 1769. $400 million, increased by only 1% over the previous year, July was the lowest in half a year, export growth by June 11. A sharp drop from 3% to 1%, which indicates that foreign economic demand is weak. From various types of lead-acid battery enterprise concrete construction, power, starting or fixed energy storage type lead battery enterprise, starts in July dropped slightly. Dynamic type lead-acid batteries in June after a brief & other; The peak season & throughout; In July, after is still weak macro environment, starts in 2. 14%. SMM concluded that lead battery power the fundamentals still no substantive improvement. In July, according to Wind information electric bicycle production for 179. 20000, June 182. 30000 fell by 2%, slightly to the dynamic model of lead battery accessory market to a certain extent, under pressure. In addition, in the secondary market, the SMM also heard that some manufacturers to buy 20 group send 1 or 30 group to send 1 set of promotions. Starting lead battery starts 7 month-on-month fall in 0. 63% to 57. 62%. China's auto production in July of 143. 710000 cars, fell 6. 2%, motorcycle made in 191. 570000, fell 4. 7%, the decline in the automobile and motorcycle production directly reduce the demand for supporting the starting type lead-acid batteries, and because of the hot weather battery power due to the rise of temperature is relatively abundant, battery replace speed slow down, start type secondary market demand is slowing, but most companies are expected to start in September type lead battery demand will be improved. Fixed type lead-acid batteries in July starts fell 1. 69% to 70%, is still in the three types of lead battery capacity utilization of the highest and most stable, starting from February has remained above 70%, but the enterprise generally reflect poor communication order since this year, exports to reduce, cause expansion of enterprise are delayed expansion plans.
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