Lead-acid battery DC screen failure: DC bus voltage indication deviates from the allowable value

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-30
Label: Label: Lead-acid battery DC screen. Lead-acid battery DC screen. Failure phenomenon: Central audio signal 'alarm' ringing; DC bus failure' light sign is on; DC bus voltage indication deviates from the allowable value. Diagnosis: DC bus voltage is too high Or too low fault handling: 1) Check whether the voltage relay of the voltage monitoring device operates correctly. 2) Observe the output voltage of the charger device and the display of the DC bus insulation monitoring instrument, or measure the bus voltage with a multimeter, and comprehensively judge whether the DC bus voltage is abnormal. 3) Adjust the charger output so that the DC bus voltage and floating charge current return to normal. 4) If the DC bus voltage is abnormal due to a malfunction of the charger device, the charger should be stopped and switched to a backup charger.
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