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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-06
In the modern society, this is given priority to with industrial backup application of dc power supply is becoming more and more common, as a backup battery dc power tension of department, its performance state the pros and cons of dealing with guaranteeing the normal operation of the backup dc power is particularly nervous. In families of battery, valve-controlled lead-acid battery in the application of dc backup power supply is more and more popular. Although valve control type lead acid storage battery in electric operating power supply widely used, but due to special valve control type lead acid battery position, tried to extend the using life of the battery, probably will have to be in in the operation of the accurate use of storage battery, and reliably detect the performance of the battery, and targeted on a battery maintenance becomes very urgent. Reasonable selection and use of dc power supply system of storage battery and battery now monitoring module, to extend the using life of the battery and have a great effect the normal operation of the coherent configuration, to get the most quiet and economic benefits are very nervous. A lead-acid battery failure mechanism of the failure of lead-acid battery research against the peace of the power system operation is nervous, we hold the feed discussion on this issue, in order to make readers have a feed on this issue. 1. 1 battery water loss lead-acid battery water loss can result in increased the proportion of the electrolyte, lead to the battery of the positive grid corrupt, made out of active material of battery, so that the battery capacity is low and failure. Lead-acid battery charging sealed the difficulty is the electrolysis of water. When charging reached certain voltage ( In 2 as usual. More than 30 v/monomer) On the positive of battery release oxygen, hydrogen cathode. Release the gas out of the acid fog pollution environment on one hand, on the other hand the electrolyte moisture out, must be held for a period of time to repair water maintenance. Valve control type lead acid battery is developed for surrender these weaknesses and product, the product features as follows: ( 1) Acceptance of multiple high quality plate grid alloy, increase the overpotential of gas release. The ordinary battery plate grid alloy in 2. 30 v/monomer ( 25℃) Above the release of gases. After acceptance of high quality alloy, in 2. 35 v/monomer ( 25℃) Gases released when the above, thus relatively eliminated gas release quantity. ( 2) Let the cathode have excess capacity, that is, about 10% more than the positive capacity. Late charge the positive release oxygen and negative war, parrot, repeat formation water, namely the O2 + 2 pb & rarr; 2 PbO、PbO +硫酸→ H2O + PbSO4 make cathode due to the role of oxygen in owe charging status, and therefore not generate hydrogen. The anode anode lead by absorbing oxygen, and then further combined into the process of water, known as the cathode to absorb. ( 3) As soon as possible in order to make the positive release oxygen flow to the cathode, must accept and received by the ordinary lead-acid battery of microcellular rubber diaphragm difference new superfine fibre glass partition. The hole rate increased to 90% from 50% rubber diaphragm above, so that the oxygen is easy to flow to the cathode, combined into water again. Other, superfine glass fiber board have sulfuric acid electrolyte adsorption results, so the valve control type sealed lead acid battery acceptance of barren solution plan, even if battery dumping, nor electrolyte overflow. ( 4) Acceptance of sealed valve control filter acid layout, acid mist cannot escape, reach the purpose of the cover environment, calm and serene. In the cathode drawing process, the inoculation of water not overflow in a sealed environment, so the valve control type sealed lead acid accumulator can be exempted from filling water, it is also a valve control type sealed lead acid battery is called the origin of the d battery. Valve control type sealed lead acid storage battery are with acid cushion, can effectively escape police acid mist. But not escape gas seal battery is conditional, namely: the battery during storage period should be without gas evolution; Charging voltage in 2. 35 v/monomer ( 25℃) The following should be without gas evolution; Discharge period shall be no gas evolution. But when charging voltage higher than 2. 35 v/monomer is probably make gas evolution. 因为此时电池体内短时间孕育产生了大量气体来不及被负极汲取,压力高出某个值时,便开始议决单向排气阀排气,排挤的气体虽然颠末滤酸垫滤失了酸雾,但必竟使电池丧失了气体,以是阀控式密封铅酸蓄电池对充电电压的要求黑白常严格的,不能造成过充电。
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