Lead-acid batteries through the acceptance - to old change new subject Lead-acid batteries with old change new topics through the acceptance

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-11
On July 11, 2014, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology energy saving and comprehensive utilization department in Beijing organize experts to entrust my association for the lead-acid battery deposit system and to old change new design research subject for acceptance. The ministry, the Ministry of Finance, ministry, the Ministry of Commerce of eight leaders and five industry experts attended the meeting. I association on topic background, the waste lead-acid battery [ Colored business opportunities: car battery] Orderly recycling disposal mechanism design principle, subject to report the latest progress and achievements respectively. Association of thought, to realize the waste lead-acid battery products are need to recycle, establish an effective low cost recovery system of producer responsibility is the key to implement system. By introducing modern information interaction and management, establish a market operation mechanism of the relevant laws and regulations as the prerequisite, to develop regional pilot projects, industry to gradually establish and improve the effective across the country low-cost orderly recycling system. The panel after heard the report of the project group, questioned and discussed, finally thinks the project research completed entrust unit mission requirements, agreed to by acceptance, and proposed to research results in the conditional place to pilot application. Meeting at the same time for the Chinese association of renewable resources recycling of the waste lead-acid battery recycling fund management mechanism research, subject to the acceptance.
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