Lead-acid batteries require frequent maintenance

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-21
Lead-acid battery has a history of more than 100 years and is widely used as the starting power source for internal combustion engine vehicles. It is also a mature battery for electric vehicles. The positive and negative electrodes of lead-acid batteries are lead dioxide and lead, and the electrolyte is sulfuric acid.   Lead-acid batteries can be divided into two categories, namely, water-filled lead-acid batteries and valve-regulated lead-acid batteries. The former is cheap, but requires frequent maintenance and replenishment of electrolyte; the latter uses a safety control valve to automatically adjust the excess gas generated during charging or abnormal operation in the sealed battery, which is maintenance-free and more in line with the requirements of electric vehicles. As the technology of lead-acid batteries is relatively mature, the improved lead-acid batteries will still be the main power source of electric vehicles in the near future. The advanced lead-acid batteries for electric vehicles under development mainly include the following types: horizontal lead-acid batteries, bipolar Sealed lead-acid batteries, roll-type electrode lead-acid batteries, etc. The maintenance-free battery is made of lead-calcium alloy, which has less water decomposition and low evaporation. Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, it does not need to add any liquid. It has less corrosion to terminals, wires and body, and has strong resistance to overcharge. The starting current is large and the power storage time is long. Lead-acid batteries are composed of positive and negative plates, separators, shells, electrolyte, and terminal heads. During use, maintenance-type lead-acid batteries will cause excessive water decomposition due to their own characteristics, causing electrolyte cut back.   Generally speaking, lead-acid batteries have the advantages of good reliability, easy availability of raw materials, and low prices. The specific power can basically meet the power requirements of electric vehicles.
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