Lead-acid batteries continue to have good news

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-23
The recent lead-acid batteries can be described as good news, from the country’s high investment in energy conservation and emission reduction that brought another spring to the battery, to the belated 'Lead-acid Battery Industry Access Conditions' released and implemented on July 1. , All add sufficient horsepower for the accelerating and fast running of the battery. One is an indirect hard stimulus and the other is a direct soft promotion. Experts in the industry said that under this soft and hard stimulus, it will bring about a technological monopoly of lead-acid batteries.   Regarding the issue of monopoly, Chaowei Battery stated that as the industry becomes more standardized, competition among enterprises gradually tends to be technological competition, and monopoly is a manifestation of the concentration of industrial technology.  The number of companies has increased sharply due to the increase in the threshold. The increase in industrial concentration.  As the 'Access Conditions' raises the entry threshold for companies, many unqualified companies will also be eliminated, and the number of companies will also be significantly reduced. The current national goal is about 400, and from the number of companies that were found in the environmental protection rectification of lead-acid batteries last year, there were about 2,000. After the 'Access Conditions' is issued, the number will be much lower than this.   Threshold access standards are raised, which mainly includes four aspects: (1) High threshold access requires high-level construction and high-demand management of existing and future lead-acid battery companies. (2) Approval of new projects is difficult, environmental assessment requirements are increasing, and new capacity is slow; (3) The threshold for existing projects has increased, and many small and medium-sized enterprises have withdrawn from the industry one after another. (4) The high-standard threshold requires the speed of research and development of domestic automation equipment to be accelerated.  From these four aspects, companies that are unqualified in green production and environmental protection processes, low management levels, and low technological innovation capabilities will likely be eliminated, and technology will become the decisive factor. Although the high standard of entry barriers eliminates a large number of small companies, the competition among large-scale lead-acid battery companies will intensify, and the high-tech industry will also be concentrated in a few large companies.
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