Lead-acid batteries are getting more and more attention in environmental protection

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-20
The lead-acid battery battery industry has long been the focus of environmental pollution and has attracted more and more attention in environmental protection. Therefore, this requires battery production to gradually move towards the ranks of non-toxic and pollution-free, and the research and development of various new green batteries Research projects have also played a pivotal role and status in various major technical fields at this stage.   After a period of rectification of lead-acid battery companies, nearly 80% of unqualified companies producing lead-acid batteries have been closed. As the 'blood lead' incident broke out in various places, people have a deep-rooted understanding of lead-acid battery pollution. It seems that the production and use of lead-acid batteries will definitely cause lead pollution.   The pollution generated in the production and use of lead-acid batteries is mainly in the three links of lead mining, battery production, and waste battery recycling. At present, most lead-acid battery manufacturers only participate in the production of batteries, while the two links of lead mining and recycling of used batteries are undertaken by companies in the professional field.   The pollution of lead-acid batteries is controllable and even avoidable. As long as government departments strengthen supervision and manufacturers improve production processes, the 'black energy' of lead-acid batteries can definitely be converted into 'green energy'.
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