Lead a tighter market fundamentals - mainly have two aspects reasons-Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-16
First, because the toran company is located in Herculaneum smelter fires and shut down in March, lead market supply. But more important is the influence of Chinese smelters are cut, they are now in the shadow of production because of pollution. Although there are very few Chinese manufacturers loudly declare their own production, but China nonferrous metals industry association ( CNIA) Data show that the first four months of this year, the native lead output contracted by 0. 9%, down 2 secondary lead production. 2%. The National Bureau of Statistics figures also show that the first five months of this year fell 5 output of lead. 2%. Clearly, lead production interruption, and subsequent maintenance maintenance plan in advance. Therefore, we put the production capacity of China's 2012 forecast from 9% to 7%, lower productivity level and the global market turned to the possibility of supply shortage is increasing this year. Second, the low price lead to demand is emerging. This has created premium prices everywhere in May, even in the stormy Europe. China lead-acid battery production has increased in recent months, in the first quarter than the same period last year increased by 6. 5%. Despite strong growth in production, but as a result of lead-acid battery consumers & ndash; — China's auto market this year start bleak, lead-acid battery sales and order situation is not optimistic. Turning point may be imminent, however, as car sales rose 16% year-on-year in May, the passenger car sales rose by 23%. 1 ~ 5 month accumulative total sales of 8. 02 million cars, rose 1. 7%. If China's auto sales to steady growth, so this year we Chinese refined lead consumption and global consumption growth of 11%, and 4, respectively. 5% of the prediction can still achieve.
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