Large UPS power supplies must be monitored in real time when the equipment is running

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-16

Currently, intelligent UPSs have operational performance characteristics such as communication with microcomputers and program control. Install the corresponding software on the microcomputer, connect the UPS through the serial/parallel port, and run the program, you can use the microcomputer to communicate with the UPS power supply. Generally, it has functions such as information query, parameter setting, timing setting, automatic shutdown and alarm. Such as Winpower. Then connect the UPS to the computer through a dedicated serial port control cable, and then communicate through the two protocols of RS232 and RS485, and the UPS can automatically shut down when there is no mains input and low power. And it can monitor multiple UPSs connected to multiple serial ports at the same time. Among them, through the RS232 protocol, one serial port can only connect to one UPS, and through the RS485 protocol, one serial port can connect to up to 256 UPSs.

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