Kyocera to North America's largest solar power plants to provide - 34 mw solar cell components-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-30
For North America's largest solar power system to provide the 34 mw of polycrystalline silicon solar cell components. The solar energy battery components, San Diego (by the United States San Diego) Factory production, which has two kinds of 245 w and 315 w. The project is located in the southwestern Arizona maricopa county, 马里科帕县) The valley solar phase ii project (Arlington, 阿灵顿谷太阳能II项目) , developed by LSPowerGroup company, covers an area of about 1160 acres, the total capacity of 127 mw, the company has always been the biggest solar power generation facilities, and North America's largest solar power generation system. Is expected to put into operation in the second half of 2013, all power will be sold to the United States southern California SanDiegoGas&Electric power supply electric power company.
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