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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-13
Battery enterprises want to gain the production license, must through the eia, 'access', namely the production license application needs by the eia and 'access' two levels. Enterprises entrust the provincial environmental protection first trial, reported to the ministry and expert review, by battery enterprises shall be promulgated by the ministry, ministry list in July, a belated 'lead battery industry access conditions' effect; Finally got this battery enterprises & other; Ticket & throughout; , the lead battery industry was the only one on the list for the first time. Data show that 1 - this year In may, China lead-acid battery production 67. 46 million kva, year-on-year growth of 17. 57%, year-on-year increase in May 29. 8 95%, year-on-year growth. 8%. , then, is not to produce such doubt: why our country lead battery capacity can be increased? The implementation of the access and & other; Tops & throughout; List and corporate industry, eliminate backward production capacity to lead battery industry? The entry requirements, however, is not expected, the capacity of substandard enterprises gave 1 - 2 years out of time. But, overall, due to pollution poisoning events such as now, repeatedly for lead battery capacity in the crackdown is obvious. Last year, however, the production of lead-acid batteries are constantly climbing long, as most of the lead-acid battery enterprise production led to a significant tightening of downstream, meanwhile industry leading water-bifurcation expansion, increased capacity is not decreased. In addition, electric bicycle industry downstream industry consolidation has started in 2011. For allegedly, domestic electric bicycle production in 29. 54 million, 2010, 26 million vehicles in 2011, fell 12%. As upstream substandard lead battery the elimination of the enterprise, will receive the lead battery industry structure, and its capacity, it will reach the normal level.
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