Is there instruction manual for small ups battery backup ?
Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd. has complete and specific instruction manuals for the products especially made for customers. As a professional company specialized in producing ups battery , we have comprehensive specification prepared to help you operate and install our products more easily. We have been attaching great importance to high precision of each part and has employed experienced engineers to design products, which will simplify operation process.

The Power Kingdom brand is a very popular ups system battery manufacturer. Power Kingdom's main products include front terminal battery series. Power Kingdom gel battery is of scientific design. It is designed by adopting the principles of foot structure and the relationship between its and the person, the thing, the environment, and the dress. If maintained properly, the product can achieve maximum life expectancy. The product is resistant to fading. Its materials have been tested under normal washing, dry cleaning, perspiration, and chlorinated water to check colorfastness. The product has been widely applied in electronic products.

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