Investigation on the operation of battery enterprises in the central market

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-21
Research on the order, inventory and sales of battery companies in the central market has been conducted. The situation in each city is uneven, but the overall situation is much better than that of the Southwest market surveyed last week. Among the more than 40 battery manufacturers interviewed, 50% said that they are currently under normal operation, and the order and sales are not much different from previous years. The inventory control is also relatively good, and there is a small margin left to meet the production; and most of them It is the production of car batteries, both production and sales; 37.5% of the companies said that most of the current production lines have been shut down, orders have been reduced by more than 50% than before, and there are more stocks, and sales are not smooth. The companies are not very optimistic about the market outlook. The main operation idea is to reduce Inventory, weak production; and the other 12.5% u200bu200bof enterprises are in a particularly bad category. At present, all production lines in the factory have stopped working. Due to the bad market situation, orders have fallen severely, and the inventory pressure in the previous production is relatively heavy. At present, they have to stop production. Reduce costs and reduce losses, and do not plan to sell under the current sluggish market, and look forward to September, when shipments will be made.
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