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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-20
The rapid development of the Internet network, communication and computer promote each other, for the use of sophisticated electronic equipment, such as computer, program-controlled switches, industrial process control and real-time control and operation system from all walks of life to power supply is becoming more and more high quality requirements, we need a new generation of more intelligent, more flexible management features, more reliable network UPS system. Network UPS intelligent systems, intelligent network UPS system mainly based on the entire network management object, is to point to in the output of the UPS host additional RS232, R485 interface, SNMP ( Simple network management protocol) Communication interface. Use these interface through a dedicated communication cable such as server, router, gateway devices connected to the corresponding communication interface, so you can put the UPS power supply and computer networks constitute a monitoring function of intelligent UPS power supply system. At present UPS intelligent network technology mainly has two aspects: one is to strengthen the new UPS function, work in coordination with software on the server, make UPS in addition to complete the most basic of uninterrupted function, also can realize the event log on the network, fault alarm, UPS parameter automatic test points to fold, regulating function, etc. ; The second is to strengthen UPS and energy saving function. Intelligent network UPS system will traditional UPS are connected to the computer through the hardware interface, combined with a specially designed software, provide a complete power management scheme. Intelligent network UPS system to realize computer communicate with UPS power supply through the interface, to make the UPS power supply system of fault information and status information to computer system, first of all, to complete the connection between the computer and UPS cable automatic query, in order to guarantee the accuracy of the communication, need to be initialized according to the rules of communication protocols. Network design of the hardware and software products are usually based on SNMP, it and management information base on network interactive work; By publishing the SNMP commands, network administrators can retrieve information through the network devices and release control commands to control network; There are processing messages soft interrupt ( News softirq is warning network management important events such as the news of the UPS battery power supply) Ability. Network UPS can make use of existing computer communication interface into the UPS communication interface, and the corresponding monitoring software installed on the computer. After a monitoring software, computer and UPS has established a correspondence, the computer regularly send instructions, UPS return to information within the prescribed period of time, when the power supply is abnormal, UPS internal microcontroller can timely send exception information to the computer, and the alarm information issued by the monitoring software on the computer to remind operator or network administrator timely treatment, if not in the scene the people concerned, the monitoring software will be automatically suspended at the end of the UPS power supply time of various software to run the program, to ban the user login, saved automatically, and keep the scene, etc. , and warned users through the network information, communicate with power supply exception information. Monitoring software also have complete UPS self test function, the test status of UPS and battery capacity, etc. , can be in the form of data and graphic display and record UPS output, the input voltage, frequency, load, temperature, battery capacity, the user can analyze, diagnose, forecast for prevention. Advantage network through SNMP standard, intelligent network UPS system can monitor and manage the operation of the network in any one UPS, UPS state parameter and remote management. Intelligent due to the application of microprocessor technology, realized the intellectualized UPS system. Intelligent network UPS generally USES 8 bit or 16 bit microprocessors, by the serial interface of the microprocessor with the server, realize the communication between the PC or terminal, transmission of data, including UPS work state, input and output parameters, and various instructions. Intellectualized UPS on the one hand, has realized the ego state in the process of equipment operation monitoring, some failure phenomena of preprocessing, make its always stable and reliable operation; On the other hand to realize the bidirectional data communication between computer and network with UPS, users can real-time monitoring on the computer and network, each node can control the running status of UPS power supply. Automation automation refers to the UPS power supply automatically some self test, the entire automatic regulation function. Real-time requirement is real-time monitoring circuit of each part in the state, the related parameters for host to work at any time. Protective UPS provide targeted protection, protection of various electronic components of the UPS has different characteristics. In mains power outage time, UPS can process of instantaneous switching to backup power supply, computer power in a short when still can run smoothly, there will be no data loss and system shutdown; In the case of super long mains supply disruptions, UPS equipment can start power management software to realize safe shutdown process computer system, and ensure the integrity of the data; After PC workstations within the UPS battery runs out of power, also to a full charge state at breakneck speed, power for next time. Safety security is remote management must solve the problem of information system, in addition to the usual username and password protection, adopt various security authentication, the user can set the remote management way, shut down automatically think unnecessary remote management channel, further improve the security of the remote management to ensure the security of the network communication system. Digital digital UPS software instead of a large number of analog device, to a great extent, improve the level of integration, and by modifying the software, you can easily adjust the various features of system, it enhances the system flexibility and intelligence.
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