Installation, use and precautions of valve-regulated lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-14
Labels: Installation, use and precautions of valve-regulated lead-acid batteries Before installing and using the battery, you should first read the product manual carefully, and install and use it as required. During installation, special attention should be paid to the following aspects: 1) The installation plan should be formulated according to the location and conditions, such as ground load, ventilation, sunlight, corrosion and organic solvents, layout of the machine room, and convenience for maintenance. 2) Generally, new and old batteries cannot be mixed during installation. Different types of batteries or batteries of different capacities must not be mixed. 3) The batteries are 100% charged and leave the factory. Care must be taken to avoid short circuits. Insulation tools and insulating gloves should be used during installation to prevent electric shock. 4) Before installation and use, the battery should be stored in an environment of 0~35℃. The storage period is 3 months. If it exceeds 3 months, the battery should be recharged according to the standard given in the instruction manual. 5) According to the specified series and parallel lines, connect the battery connections between the rows, layers, and panel terminals. Before installing the end connectors and the entire power system is turned on, you should carefully check the positive and negative polarity and measure the system voltage. And note: under the premise of meeting the design cross-sectional area, the lead wire should be as short as possible to reduce the voltage drop during high-current discharge; when two or more batteries are connected in parallel, the cables from each battery to the load should be of equal length. It is beneficial to balance the current of each group of batteries when the battery is charged and discharged. 6) When the battery is connected, the screws must be tightened, but also to prevent the excessive tightening force from damaging the pole embedded copper. 7) After installation, check the system voltage and the direction of the positive and negative poles of the battery again to ensure that the battery is installed correctly. 8) Use a soft cloth soaked with soap and water to clean the battery shell, cover, panel and connecting wires. Do not wash with organic solvents to avoid corrosion of the battery cover and other parts.
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