Inspection method for electric vehicle battery failure

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-09

The large difference in use conditions also leads to differences in the characteristics of electric vehicles. Customers feel that it can be understood as a quality problem of battery products. Among electronic components, the repair rate of batteries is relatively high. Some typical common fault conditions are listed below. Electric vehicle battery failure inspection method:

General power failure conditions: First, the sealing between the top cover and the bottom groove is not very good or it is caused by impact. Sealant cracks cause liquid leakage;

The second is the leakage of acid from the cover valve;

The third is the leakage of acid at the end of the connection;

Four are leaking acid.

Regular inspection and solution of common faults should be the first to check for acid leakage. Disassemble and assemble the outer cover to see if there are acid leak marks around the cover valve, then open the cover valve to observe the fluidity of the rechargeable battery in the lithium battery electrolyte. After the said work is carried out, if no abnormality is found, a pressure test should be carried out (inflate the working pressure in the water, and observe whether the rechargeable battery is caused by bubbles and appear, and there are bubbles that express acid leakage). During the whole process of battery charging, there is no fluid electrolyte solution.

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