In 2014, domestic production of lead-acid battery number - steady development Lead-acid battery

by:Power Kingdom     2020-09-02
With the advent of the era of science and technology, electric cars, electric cars, solar power system, the electronic switch system and other high-tech products into people's horizons. And these products, cannot leave the battery for use as a support, therefore, the demand of the battery number is increasing. To the safe and stable, and reasonable price, the battery characteristics, can adapt to the needs of the development of contemporary society. And lead-acid battery, is has such characteristics, making it a broad market prospect. Can be seen from the diagram, 1-2014 In February, the number of domestic production of lead-acid battery is in a stable development. With the largest number of shandong, to 1656528. 15 kva. And the output of heilongjiang is relatively low. But the situation reversed, as the highest yield and yield is relatively low in shandong of heilongjiang, 1 - the two provinces In February the growth rate of lead-acid batteries was presented the negative growth. Lead-acid batteries, it shows that the shandong region and heilongjiang province overproduction, has reached the saturation of the market. And liaoning, hunan and other regions, growth continues to improve. From the point of industrial distribution, in the production of lead-acid battery manufacturers are mainly concentrated in the northeast and north China area, other area is relatively less. Enterprise distribution imbalance. For lead-acid battery, strengthen market guidance, rational utilization of resources, to seek development in the stable, in constant challenge to create brilliant!
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