Implement the best battery maintenance program to avoid data center downtime

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-28
It is only natural that data center managers, especially those responsible for facility supervision and who must support revenue-generating business operations, are constantly striving to overcome the threat of downtime. Studies have shown that the average loss of just one minute of downtime will exceed $7,900, and long-term power outages will undoubtedly seriously affect the operation of the enterprise and may even cause data center managers to be fired. One of the best ways to reduce this risk is to maintain the batteries that support the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in the data center. In a series of battery packs, only one damage can cause your UPS to fail in the event of an interruption. The first step in maintaining batteries is to understand their true service life and use relevant strategies to maximize the value of your data center's critical infrastructure. Battery life If your data center has adopted UPS battery management for key equipment for some time, you may have discovered that the battery life designed by the battery manufacturer is not the same as the true battery life. The life of the design is obtained by the manufacturer in the laboratory considering the design of the battery and the aging of the battery. The actual service life of the battery not only needs to consider the impact of battery aging, but also how it is used, installed and maintained. Simply put, thinking that the design life of the battery and the actual life are the same, which puts your data center at risk. The Liebert Services team under Emerson Network Power has served more than 40,000 battery packs and performed up to 600,000 inspection or maintenance visits. Therefore, we have a deep understanding of the true life of the battery. According to our experience in this area, even if the design life of the battery can reach 10 years or more, based on several factors such as operating environment and maintenance, it is likely to be unusable after three years of use. . UPS and battery maintenance are two important factors to achieve optimal performance and return on battery investment. Battery maintenance. Preventive maintenance and proactive battery replacement programs can greatly reduce the risk of interruption failure in the event of power outages, line peaks, unexpected power outages, and other power-related problems. A study of more than 5,000 three-phase UPS units and more than 24,000 strings of batteries found that regular preventive maintenance is quite obvious in ensuring the reliability of UPS. This study shows that units that get two preventive maintenance (PM) service visits within a year's Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) have 23 times better performance than UPSs that have not implemented preventive maintenance visits. According to this study, skilled service providers have very low error rates, which further contributes to a steady increase in reliability. The data shows that the mean time between failures (MTBF) is directly proportional to the number of preventable maintenance. (Source: Emerson Network Power) Generally, important PM visit tasks include a complete visual inspection of the equipment, including accessories, wires, cables and all circuit breakers, as well as checking whether the air filter is clean. After the PM service ends, the system operation test should include unit transfer and battery discharge. However, in a more comprehensive battery management program, monitoring is the key. The battery monitoring service found in a data analysis of over 700 million hours of cumulative running time and covering more than three years of battery life. Compared with those data centers that have not installed battery monitoring systems, those that have installed battery monitoring systems The data center can greatly reduce the chance of operational interruption caused by battery failure. Although these data centers may still have outage accidents, these accidents are all caused by isolated factors such as human operating errors, including not carefully checking the system or not knowing how to properly analyze the monitoring data. This also shows that the data center needs relevant experts to correctly monitor the alarm data and maintain the system. These battery monitoring services add a high level of protection, enhance the data center’s confidence in its critical infrastructure, and allow data center managers to feel at ease that their batteries are monitored, thereby minimizing unplanned downtime. Possibility of change. In addition, this continuous monitoring allows the data center to plan future battery investments based on trend analysis. For today's busy data center and IT managers, a popular solution is to use remote analysis services to analyze the monitoring of fixed batteries, and to embed remote monitoring technology into the power protection infrastructure. This technology should include integrated data collection to be able to provide early warning. Using powerful remote monitoring technology, a single administrator responsible for managing important infrastructure does not need to be an expert. At present, it can also manage various technologies in a complex data center, and it can also increase the number of staff. With its embedded capabilities, monitoring capabilities also enable administrators to increase mean time between failures and mean time to repair (MTTR).
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