How to use temperature to maximize battery performance

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-21
Tags: How to use temperature to achieve the highest performance of the battery Any chemical reaction requires the temperature of the environment, and lead-acid batteries are no exception. During the use of the battery, the operating temperature is -20℃-----+50℃. This is the basic requirement of the battery, but our ideal operating temperature is 25℃, so that the efficiency of the battery is maximized. Therefore, many places where battery packs are used are equipped with air-conditioned rooms. Therefore, we generally install air-conditioning equipment in the environment where the battery is used to reduce the cost of replacing the battery. The temperature of the battery during charging is also required. The normal voltage refers to the charging voltage value at an ambient temperature of 25°C. However, if the temperature difference exceeds 10°C, the float voltage must be corrected, otherwise the battery will be damaged. When the ambient temperature rises by 1℃, the float charge voltage should be lowered to 0.003V/cell; on the contrary, the float charge voltage should be increased by 0.003V/cell. The battery storage environment temperature is best around 10℃-20℃, which is the best quality storage environment temperature, the self-discharge of lead-acid batteries is minimized, and the environment is kept dry, clean and ventilated.
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